Q: Which size do I get?
A: MellowDramatik coils come in small, medium, and large— small for thin hair, mediumfor normal hair, and large for thick hair. But you can mix things up however you like: use the small or medium sizes for braids and pigtails, the large when you want the coil to wrap around your hair a few more times, and smaller sizes for kids’ hairdos.

Q: How are our coils different?
A: Remember the landline phones with the spiraly chords you saw hanging on grandma’s wall? Well, MellowDramatik coils are created from recycled telephone chords. We also offer competitive pricing since we’re not as greedy as other coil companies.

Q: Why are Mellow Dramatik hair coils better than elastic hair ties?
A: MellowDramatik hair coils do all the hard work and hold of a hair tie, without all the damage and pain, and without even breaking a sweat. They don’t pull your hair, cause breakage, or leave an annoying dent in your locks after a ponytail. To see more reasons why our coils are better, read this blog post.

Q: My coils have stretched out— What do I do?
A: Don’t waste another moment worrying, gorgeous! In the case that a coil stretches out after a long wear, just add some hot water in a bowl and throw your coils in for a relaxing makeover— your coils will shrink right back to normal! Check out this blog post for more quick ways to shrink your coils back to their marvelous, Mellow-selves.
Q: Where are MellowDramatik coils available?
A: Our hair-saving coils are available in various boutiques and salons. But the best place to find our latest coils will always be right here on MellowDramatik.com. You can also keep up with us and our coil collections through Instagram @mellow.dramatik