Let's be a little MellowDramatik

  • Wake up yo face, girl!

    Skin sometimes can look discolored, sleepy, and bland. It’s time to introduce good habits to help wake up yo face!

  • How to Shrink Your Hair Coils

    These coils are very “mellow” and will happily tag along with you through all your great adventures.
  • Love Yo Self!

    Learn that the only way you will heal is to accept that you are REAL.
  • 5 Reasons MellowDramatik is better than regular hair ties

    If you love your locks, treat them right.
    Thank your hair with the gift of MellowDramatik.
  • Meet Mellow

    Mellow Dramatik means becoming the person who would make the 10 year old version of you stare in awe and say,

    “Man, I can’t wait to grow up and be you... er, me.”