Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mom has been a constant in your life from the very beginning.

She’s been your booger-wiper, diaper-changer, and secret-keeper since you were born.

She’s supported you in your dreams and pushed you to go further.

Maybe mom is your spouse or life partner who you couldn't imagine living a day without.



With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you’ll want to give your mom a gift to show your gratitude and love for her. We’ve made the hunt for the perfect present so easy!

Here are a few Mother’s Day gifts that mom is sure to love— with prices YOU will love:

1    Makeup bag/ travel bag

We love using this bag for organizing makeup and your momma will too. She could even move the dividers in the bag to organize crafts, jewelry, or anything she wants; we’re sure you could give her amazing ideas for what to put in this bag.


2     MellowDramatik™ hair coils

Obviously it is no surprise these coils are on the list. We may love them, but mom is sure to be obsessed with them. They are perfect for the on-the-go mom, no matter what style she has. She can throw her hair safely back into a ponytail or bun or she can add some color to her already gorgeous hairdo for a date night.



3     Essential oil diffuser

If mom is a tree-hugger, oil-lover, or clean freak, she will love this essential oil diffuser. It illuminates ambient light and comes with 10 essential oils. The house will smell delicous and mom will be happy!



4     Dreambly™ laundry sheets

It’s a fact of motherhood that laundry never ends, but Dreambly dryer sheets make it oh, so easy! Mom only needs to put a sheet or two in the wash with the laundry and then follow all of that into the dryer. These sheets act as a detergent, dryer sheet, whitener, and stain remover.



5     Pajama set

Every mom needs a pajama set to lounge around the house or cozy up with in the evening. Try to find one with a fabric that is extra soft and silky— she will never want to take these pajamas off!



6     Bath bombs

The tasks of motherhood can be heavy on mom’s heart and body. Let her enjoy a hot Mother’s Day bath with a relaxing bath bomb (or two or three...). Bath bombs smell delicious and sometimes can have healing properties: making the bathing experience a million times more enjoyable



Now you don’t have to look anywhere else. Mom is sure to enjoy one of these simple gifts. Of course, don’t forget to pair your present with a homemade card.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, life-givers, and women in our lives!