Meet Mellow

Mellow Dramatik.

Let’s break a stereotype here. In fact, let’s shatter it. Melodrama is often seen as the reckless, rude, obnoxious teenager.

But I see it differently.

Those reckless teenagers are actually brave and fearless. They are not rude; they speak loudly and speak their mind. Teenagers aren’t obnoxious, they are confident and FUN! (stereotype shattered)



Melodrama could be about throwing a temper tantrum (if that’s your thing), but it’s truly about stunning people with your extravagance.

It’s also about chillin on your couch and reading a book or taking a silent bubble bath. It’s singing at the top of your lungs with the shower head as your audience. It’s dancing so hard that you get a side ache and your cardio for the year can be checked off your to-do list. It’s also about not even having a to-do list and straight up winging everything but getting by because you have one of those incredible James-Bond-like smiles



It’s about embracing your weaknesses, your muffin top, and that gap in your teeth that attracts every crumb that enters.

Mellow Dramatik means becoming the person who would make the 10 year old version of you stare in awe and say,

“Man, I can’t wait to grow up and be you... er, me.” 



“Melodrama” is like “drama” but EXCESSIVE. Whoever you are, whatever you like, be excessively YOU.

Wear weird clothes, or pop on a T-shirt. Take a break from straightening your hair, and let your natural texture come to life. Put on blue lipstick. Make a scene, or don’t. Sing out loud even if you think your voice is crap.

Let out that fearless teenager in you.



When you let go of all expectations and pressures (from family, friends, society, and that neighbor who gives you “judgy eyes” when you’re taking your dog out in your pajamas and it’s 2 in the afternoon), you will become the real YOU.

Your disabilities and weaknesses will become strengths and your insecurities will fly away like the confidence-sucking mosquitoes they are. 



Be silly.

Be brave.

Be fun.

Be free.

Be real.

Be extra.

Be a little more Mellow Dramatik.