Love Yo Self!

Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?



Is it pimples & dimples,

wrinkles & crinkles,

sun spots, stretch marks and cellulited-skin?


Perhaps, it’s those features that are simple— 

kind eyes that sprinkle like sparkles

when you light up and grin.



It’s usually the features that society deems “unwanted” or “unlovable” that come first to our minds. It’s difficult for us to scroll through miles of instagram feed or magazines and not walk away feeling less than enough.



We stare at a screen of those edited to the extreme and try to change everything that has made us unique. Our feed dares to convince us that it is wrong to age and be human. 



You are not pretty enough, skinny enough, or tall enough. Your hair is not right, your skin is not smooth, you need to hide yourself behind makeup and filters. This is what we inhale when we compare ourselves to what society has deemed “wanted” and “lovable.” 



Exhale that self hate, babe!







Even though you forget to wash your face at night because you’ve been out too late with good company, and eat french fries, create humans with your body, and don’t wear sunscreen nearly enough— you are enough.



Quit lathering yourself with self-tanner, bleaching your hair until it disintegrates, and hiding your body with baggy clothes and surgeries.

Revisit yourself in the mirror again.

Give yourself a few heartfelt compliments. 



Learn that the only way you will heal is to accept that you are REAL.

Learn to see YOU underneath toxic projections of perfection. 

Learn to LOVE YO SELF!