Is it Time for a Haircut?

Is it Time for a Haircut?

I know, I know.

You’ve been trying to grow Rapunzel hair for years. You’re probably wanting to quit reading this right now because you feel the answer to that question is, “Aw, heck naw!”

Well, unless you had a haircut in the past 6-8 weeks, you may need to change your answer.



Consistent haircuts are a part of healthy upkeep for your delicious mane.

The term “haircut” may scare you because you think it is synonymous to “chop.” In reality, a haircut can be cutting off ¼” to hacking off a whole foot of hair. No more being afraid: your safeword, “trim,” falls under the category of "haircut" as well.



To maintain healthy hair, keep split ends to a minimum, and promote stronger hair, you should be getting regular trims (¼” —1” off) every 6-8 weeks. This applies even if your hair is very thin, thick, curly, straight, if it grows fast, and if it seems to be at a halt.



Trimming that often may seem counterproductive, but it actually helps you out!

Trims keep your ends fresh.

If you wait half a year or several years to get a haircut, your ends will dry up and split, resulting in breakage and uneven ends. If you don’t cut off the dead ends and leave healthy hair in its place, those ends will simply peace-out and break off themselves, leaving you with shaggy, uneven hair.



If you DO get regular trims, your ends will be almost just as healthy as your roots and it will be easier to grow it out! Who knew!?

Hair Stylists.

They know.

They aren’t pushing you to get haircuts so often because they want to drain your wallet. They encourage consistency because they know it will benefit your tresses. (Something to know: In their world, a trim and haircut are interchangeable because no matter how much you’re cutting off, the service is the same— so don’t be surprised when the pricing is the same!)



If your ends are looking







or less dense than the rest,

it is time for a haircut!



It’s time to hit that “refresh” button on your locks. Plus, don’t fool yourself— you remember how much you enjoyed that shampoo/scalp massage during your last service.

You honestly may not notice a little length missing, but you for sure will notice healthier, fuller hair. So, assess those ends right now and revive them with the haircut you never knew you needed.

It always looks and feels better to have healthy hair.