“I Am a Queen Challenge”

You are a QUEEN.

But sometimes you don’t think you are.

Your worth is endless, but you don’t always see yourself that way.

When you look in the mirror, do you spend more time hating yourself or loving yourself?

For most of us, we judge ourselves so dang hard. We get caught up in looking “perfect” that even an unnoticeable zit on our forehead can deem us unwanted and unalterably blemished.


But who is to say that we are not "perfect."

Who decides that there is only one version of “perfect.”

Who gave Social Media and Hollywood the right to regulate “perfect.”

There are billions of “perfects.” YOU are one of them. You just have to recognize the queen within you and reach out for your well-deserved crown.

This isn’t always as easy as it seems, however. Monsters like “Jealousy” and “Comparison” creep into your ears and whisper vile lies.

“You will never be good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough…”

These monsters invite their buddies, like “Depression” and “Anxiety.” They convince us that binging, over-eating, starving, cutting, and tanning are the solutions that will make others love us more and deem us desirable.

But does it make you love yourself?


Small internal changes that take place little by little are necessary to get you closer to embracing your crown and distinctive royalty.

Here is our week-long “I Am a Queen Challenge”

1       Look in the mirror at yourself every single day. Some days you may have your makeup and hair done, while other days you may be completely naked.

You probably already look in the mirror everyday— but this challenge is more difficult. Stare into those gorgeous eyes of yours and give yourself 2 genuine compliments. Do this every day for a week.

A genuine compliment is not describing your clothing or your makeup.

A genuine compliment describes what is left when clothing, makeup, and body are stripped away.

Soak up your authentic words and believe them.

You are strong.

You are inspiring.

You are gorgeous.

You are intelligent.

You’re an incredible friend.

Your heart is beautiful.



2       A seven day social media fast. Yes, you can do it.

All week long, starve yourself of social media and fill yourself with other wholesome things.

Spend more time with yourself and less time comparing yourself. Use the time you would spend scrolling and comparing, and read a book, go to a dance class, bake a dessert, paint your nails, meditate, go for a drive, garden, play some tennis, sing at the top of your lungs— Do something that makes you feel like YOU.




3       Surround yourself with positivity: positive tv shows, positive people, positive energy.

If your friends gossip all the time, take a break from them this week and focus on self love, instead of hatered toward others.

If you compare yourself to the actress in your Netflix show, take a break from that show for a week.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend tries to talk you into dieting or brings you down at all, take a break! (Also, you should probably take a permanent break and break up with them if they don’t treat you like the queen you are.)

If there is anything negative in your life that makes you feel like a peasant, ignore that this week and cling to your royalty.

Completely loving yourself is a lifelong feat.

There will be days when you feel like Cinderella: a slave to her step-sisters, as you are a slave to self-hatred. There will also be better days when you feel like Cinderella: queen of the ball!

Say “peace-out” to negativity, jealousy, toxic comparison, and rude boyfriends/girlfriends.

Reach out for your crown, girl!

Your love for yourself will grow and grow and grow as you do small things to remind yourself who you truly are:

a straight up QUEEN.