How to Shrink Your Hair Coils

I know you love our MellowDramatik coils!

Sometimes too much (if that's even possible...) Don't worry, I won't tell your boyfriend/girlfriend.


You rock them to work, work outs, school and sleep. And you definitely impressed your date with that coiled-up hairdo!

With so much wear, coils may seem to stretch out and expand a little from all their hard work. Personally, I haven’t ran into stretchy-coil-syndrome myself, and I wear Mellow any chance I get!



However, if you happen to get your coils stuck around a watermelon and they get a little too stretched out, here are 3 things you can do to bring them back to their original Mellow-selves:

1      Dip your coils into a bowl of warm water for a few seconds.

These cutie coils could use a few relaxing minutes in the hot tub and take a break from all the great hair-holding they’re doing. Mellow coils will shrivel right back up (much like our own fingers and toes do when we take a dip)!




2      Blast those babies with a blow dryer and watch the heat do it’s magic!

I know I feel my best self when I’m sitting in the hot sun on a beach. Who knew coils could use that kind of therapy too?



3       Hop in the steamy shower and let your coils join you.

Always in a hurry? Just continue with your normal routine. Mellow coils will enjoy the shower-sauna and bounce right back!



Take Mellow to your early morning boat ride on the lake, to your late night hot tub date, and on your spontaneous trip to the Las Vegas heat. These coils are very “mellow” and will happily tag along with you through all your great adventures. Just remember to thank them with a spa day every now and then.



Be on the look out: Mellow will be launching it’s new spring line soon!

In the meantime, stay Mellowdramatik!