How to Go Green with Your Beauty Routine

Start calling yourself a “Treehugger” because you can go green without going “granola.”

Become an eco-example to others and incorporate small habits into your beauty routine that can create a big difference. You can still keep your same style and look with only small tweaks in your daily regimen.



Here are 4 simple ways you can go green with your beauty routine:

1     Use products that are eco friendly or “naked”

Naked products means that they are packageless— no paper, no plastic, no waste. Find products that are safe for the earth, organic or vegan. First, finish the products you have (no wasting, girl!) and once you run out, shop for eco-friendly ones! Find creams, sprays, soaps, and balms that cause no pollution to nature or to YOU. 


2     Wash your hair less

The delicious oils from your scalp are usually washed away with the suds in the shower. Push your wash day off just one. more. day... If you wash your hair 2-3 times a week and use a dry shampoo in between, your hair will feel the benefits and you’ll save lots of water!


3     Find an alternate use for product bottles

With endless plastic bottles that hold shampoos, creams and beauty serums, comes endless waste! Instead of throwing these away, recycle them into useful containers for daily use. Once your shampoo bottle is empty, cut it in half and put an air purifying plant in it. When your tub of lotion is used up, repurpose it into a jewelry box or storage for your cooking spices.

Get creative and your ideas will be endless.


4    Take advantage of the natural sunlight

Natural sunlight is so comforting, invigorating, and energy-saving. Begin your morning routine with the power of the sun. Shower, meditate, and read with the rays from the sun. You can even start doing your makeup by a window— it will create flawless results while saving power.


Take a few weeks and try to incorporate these 4 earth-lovin ideas into your daily routine. Before you know it, they will become habits and you will find yourself being more conscious of your efforts to “go green.”

Our amazing earth provides everything we need to live a happy and sustainable life. Thank the earth by making small changes that can have a large impact.

Going green saves our earth and saves your time.

Embrace your inner tree-hugger.