Curly Hair Tips

Your curly hair is GORGEOUS!

And that's okay if it needs a little more TLC to look it's very best.

Mellow is here for you, babe! Different textures and densities of hair need different treatments and attention in different ways.




We have a few tips for curly hair that will make styling, sleeping, and embracing your hair so much easier.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll begin to love your curly hair even more!

Brush with the correct tools

Curly hair tends to be fragile and lacking in moisture compared to other hair textures. We all know that if you brush your curly hair dry, it will end up becoming a giant poof! But when you brush wet hair, it is more fragile and stretches easily and can break!

So, when you have to brush it damp, use a wide tooth comb and brush from the ends to the roots. It detangles like magic and won’t pull or stretch your hair as much as a comb or brush would.

Find the products that fit your hair

There are endless products out there— since curly hair comes in different textures, densities, and curl size, we recommend go to a stylist who specializes in curly hair and ask which products they think will work best for your hair.

When you apply mousse or styling cream to your hair, put some onto a wet brush and brush it from roots to ends. This will apply the product evenly throughout your hair and also help tame frizz.



Get regular trims

It may seem counterproductive to get haircuts when you may want to grow out your hair. In reality, getting a trim every 5-7 weeks is crucial to having bouncy, delicious curls. Trim just enough off to get all the dead, dry ends off, leaving behind only the freshest of hair.

Your hair will be healthier, less frizzy, and that extra deadweight won’t pull down your curls.

Use a diffuser

If curly haired girls were to take a blow dryer and blast their locks, they’d be left with a giant mess of fluff. However, when you add a diffuser to the blowdryer, everything changes for the better.

Diffusers are meant to dry your hair into its beautiful natural curl pattern. They can also accentuate your curls and make them look bouncier and curlier. If you have some sections of your head that are less curly, a diffuser can help make all your curls look uniform and clean.

Sleep with your hair correctly

Sleeping with curls is only easy when you do it the right way— there are many options for all curl types. First thing is first, sleep on a silk pillowcase to protect your locks, keep the oils from your scalp benefiting your curls, and reduce static.

If your hair is less curly, sleep with your hair in a low ponytail or twist it into a bun on the top of your head.

If your hair texture is very curly, you can tame your curls while you sleep by putting them into two or more braids.


Throw your wishes for straight hair out the door and embrace your texture!

Remember, there are people who actually get perms to copycat your curly locks...

Try these 5 curly hair tips and embrace the curly-haired-goddess within you!