6 Ways to Make your Curls Stay

Have you left the house or salon with gorgeous curls in your hair only to find them missing a few hours later? 


You may think your locks are allergic to texture and NOBODY will be able to convince them otherwise.

Run-away-curl-syndrome is a real problem that plagues many women around the world.

Well, get ready to whip your curls back and forth because we may have found a cure! Here are 6 ways to make your curls stay all day (and typically a few days after too).

1     Heat protectant spray

Not only does Mellow’s favorite heat protectant spray defend your locks against the damage of heat tools, it creates an insane amount of texture— meaning more hold for your hair!

Think of a heat protectant as a primer. If you’re gonna paint a house, primer helps it look better & stay better. If your hair is fine, soft, or thick, it can be difficult for a curl to hold without anything helping it out. Just mist the spray onto each section and brush it through right before you curl.




2     Use the right curling iron barrel size

If the barrel is too large for the length of your hair, then the curl may slip away. If your hair is shoulder length or shorter, consider using a 1” barrel. If your hair is longer and still not holding curl, use a 1”- 2” barrel.

The more your hair can wrap around the curling iron’s barrel, the more curled it will become!



3     Dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo is not only great when it comes to hiding greasy hair, it can also add lots of texture. Before curling, spray it onto your roots and mid-lengths (you want the texture everywhere, not just on your roots), let it sit for 30 seconds, then run your fingers through your hair to rough it up and rub it in.

Dry shampoo helps create grip and hold without feeling grimy and dirty.



4     Layer it Up

Have your hairstylist add a few light layers to your hair. When your hair is all one length, it can be heavy and weigh down the curls. You don’t have to go crazy and make it look choppy, but adding more texture can improve your hair’s hold significantly.

Texture + Curls = BFFs.



5    Let it Cool

Let your hair cool down completely before even touching it! Heat forms the curl and if you let it cool as it is, it will will stay, even if it looks very “Shirley Temple” at the time. If you get impatient, complete a step in your makeup routine in the meantime.



6      Don't underestimate the power of Hairspray

Add a light hold hairspray after each section as your curls cool. Then, blast your finished look with a strong hold hairspray at the very end. Hairspray is there for hold— a good hairspray doesn’t necessarily leave your locks looking stiff or crunchy.



Next time you want to curl your hair, don’t be discouraged! 

You no longer need to break out the curling iron more than once a day or even minutes before a photoshoot just so they stay. Just try these 6 simple curl-holding tips and see what was missing in the equation.

No more believing your hair will never hold curl.

Put an end to run-away-curl-syndrome.