5 Reasons MellowDramatik is better than regular hair ties


We have all felt the infuriating feeling of taking down a ponytail and finding the hair elastic full of our own precious locks, ripped mercilessly out from our scalps. We also know, sometimes too well, what it’s like to try to wrap a hair elastic around just one more time as it suddenly bursts and leaves us with messy hair for the day. Hair elastics can cause so many headaches… sometimes literally. Toss those hair ties in the trash.

Problem solved.


MellowDramatik hair coils are a pain-free alternative to hair elastics. They can be used by all hair lengths and densities (because they come in different sizes) and enjoyed by all hair types (because they are safe to use on even the most fragile of follicles). Some call them spiral, coil, or phone-cord ties, but we just call them Mellow-manna from heaven.


Here are FIVE reasons MellowDramatik hair coils are better than regular hair ties:

1     Hair coils are pain-free and tangle-free.

When you pull them out of your hair, they won’t become an overly attached boyfriend and steal your strands. They have a lot of give, coupled with a lot of hold. You can sport your Ariana Grande high ponytail, but still have enough flexibility that you won’t be sporting a headache too.



2     These Mellow-manna from heaven are waterproof!

No more soggy wrists from a soaking hair tie after a shower or washing your hands. After all, your hair is more fragile and susceptible to damage when it is wet. With hair coils, enjoy the hot tub in the winter, or a splashy boat ride in the summer, without worrying about a dripping hair elastic messing with your head.



3     Stop worrying about that kink in your hair from this morning’s hairstyle— that problem is old news now. With hair coils, you have no kinks.

Carry on with your carefree routine; go from your workout to work, and from work to dinner plans with no crease in your hair or cramp in your style.



4     MellowDramatik hair coils are safe for sleep and long wear.

Since these coils are not too tight or grabby, they will not cause hair breakage. If you have hair that knots up while you toss and turn, kiss your lovely locks “goodnight” and wrap them up in a blanket of coils. You’ll notice less damage and less bed head too!



5     There are endless ways to Mellow!

Mellow coils can be rocked in multiple ways. Tie your hair in a universal bun or ponytail, decorate your head in extravagant braids and twists, or use multiple coils at once to show off intricate hairstyles. These coils can be worn around your wrist as a bracelet or used as a keychain. 




Hair coils will protect your follicles and let you live as freely and spontaneously as you’d like. Be lazy and pop in a hair coil, or wrap your hair into an elegant updo. In whatever way you Mellow, let it reflect the unique and stunning YOU.


If you love your locks, treat them right.
Thank your hair with the gift of MellowDramatik.